Theres no battle to fight..

The field is for the soldiers. A true king fights with his soldiers. A king commands. In League of Legends is no power given to communicate. You can't form an army. Or do you think a king would try to command a team of 4 other random people over and over gain? This is no platue of war. The "field of justice" I would like to teach kids. but kids won't listen. I feel so much despise and hunger in this game. A war is surpressing. A war will surpress your will because you know: you are going to die. this will make the toughest warriors shut (and obey) The Martketing in League of Legends is to say, some of the worst. You send young soldiers into the war but don't explain them anything. you say "don't flame" but this voice is without any permission. you may recieve a ban. but you still don't understand that this aren't a kings word. I would assume some of you may know.. if you would go harsher you would surpress the kids. (and don't let them learn) the irony on this story is.. a kid.. (I like this word) can only learn on a world without rules and you can bet to one time debt his own karma.. this war - there to fight in League of Legends isn't some to win. it's only one to form.
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