This game and everything else is falling apart (Long Post)

Everything that gets put on PBE gets released on live servers in the state where you cannot do anything but question yourself: "How did this get past the PBE testing?" Players there are only there to play and try new things before anyone else and there is almost no feedback on balancing things there aside from the feedback of maybe a gamebreaking bug or similar, but even that gets past the testing and reaches live Everyone keeps blaming Riot for everything but it's only half of their fault Let me explain: They want to keep the game fresh and constantly come up with some wild ideas in order to bring us something new That is why Akali's W is true stealth for example But They get carried away so much with the innovation that they overdo a lot of things and you end up with a creation that is overloaded but at that point if they started removing some things it would not only mean they worked so much over something that wouldn't even be there but it could also impact the desired playstyle of the champion that they reworked/created On the other hand the second half of the fault belongs to League YouTubers/players in general Explanation: With companies like Google and others it was never easier to make money from sitting on your ass and talking with yourself while playing a game YouTube was once a place where you could earn money and make quality content that you enjoyed making and people enjoyed watching (people that stood out were PewDiePie, Smosh, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and so on, but they either shifted their ways or just quieted down/fell apart) but Now it is a place of rarely any quality content, full of clickbaits, trends that are a big deal one day and the next day is like they never were a thing and other bad things It is falling apart but slowly, unlike Facebook and Tumblr (Guess we will be migrating to Dailymotion and Vimeo XD) Why am I telling you all this? Well I mentioned clickbaits right? So you might have noticed the pattern of thumbnails and titles of League YouTubers in the recent years: "THIS REWORK IS LEGIT BROKEN!" "THIS BUFF BROKE THE GAME!" "THIS CHANGE MAKES THIS CHAMP BEYOND BROKEN!" "THIS RUNE ON THIS CHAMP IS ACTUALLY OVERPOWERED/BROKEN!" "RIOT MADE A MISTAKE WITH THIS BUFF/REWORK!!!" As you can see All CAPS All clickbait Just because they managed to get themselves fed early from people that are bad or just Europeans playing on PBE and lagging (since we cannot have our own environment for testing so we play on constant 150+ ping) It is hard for anyone including Riot to notice if the champion is actually too strong when the League YouTubers are plaguing the platform and the game balancing for their personal gain That is why we are stuck with cancerous abominations that also spread aids on live servers for 2 weeks until something actually gets done about them Because more people are on live servers and therefore it is easier to gain data about the strength of a certain champion That was all I had to say regarding this topic It is sad to see things that were great, blooming and which you once loved, start to wither, break and fall apart (nice poem though, says a lot in one sentence) This is a discussion, not an argument, If someone read all this and is to make a comment, make it a friendly one and point out the things that you do not agree with Thank you for reading
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