Kinda %%%%ed up a little.

To cut a long story short I kinda met someone, we were chilling for a year. She was all heavily into me and I was all let's just chill and stuff. Her parents found out and in a sheer blind panic I cut all contact with her. We didn't %%%% or anything, we just met up and chilled. I know I should have explained to her parents that I wasn't after the %%%%% (she's younger than me and her parents are religious and well, I am not and not religious.) but I just acted like a cock and ran away. Some time later, I sent her a letter explaining that I was sorry I ran away like a coward. I panicked and simply didn't have time to explain the situation because I like to think and take my time. So some times later she got in contact with me. I know I shouldn't have entertained it, but underneath all this cruel bastard of a person, I do actually have a soft side and do show people the respect they deserve. Anyways. I kinda lied about who I am and now she's asking who I really am. Urgh. And it makes me feel bad because tbh all we ever did was play steam games and now here I am.

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