Having/being a tribunal means a lot of responsibility.

Dear Riot, You are working day and night to make the game as comfortable as possible for us players. Sure, you actually have to do it since it's your job and it's the game what keeps us playing and paying for skins etc. Just like today in the morning where a few players (me too) were complaining about not being able to log on into the game. Right now, I was able to log in (thank you!!!) and play a game ranked (which I couldn't finish due to dc problems which are not coming from my internet because I am still able to write here for example or watch Yt videos. During that game (Diamond 5 elo!!) I once again had to experience players with a completely (sorry there is literally no other word than) shitty mindset. Let me explain what happened: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Championselect: BLUE SIDE: Summoner 1 top Summoner 2 ??? Summoner 3 Mid Me ADC Summoner 5 Jgl Pick phase: Summoner 1 picks heca top Summoner 2 picks Rengar Jgl Summoner 3 picks Annie mid and says: Don't take the role of my premade Summoner 5, take adc Me: ??? Summoner 5: yeah Summoner 2 locks Rengar I lock Vayne Summoner 5 picks Brand Support. Okay. First thing there is so much wrong with "Don't take the role of my premade Summoner 5, take adc" from both sides, Summoner 2 and 3. You should always try to maximize your carry and team potential by having almost every player on their prefered role. Why in the world would you take the main role of somebody else cause you're too lazy (or too dumb in some cases) to play support, when you are not maining that role? That's what I still don't understand in League and that is something what has been annoying me for such a long time. When you go in ranked you have to know how to play every single lane and have atleast 3 champions for this lane/position. ESPECIALLY IN DIAMOND. MY GOD. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ingame: First minutes, going into lane, leashing, farming. I see them pushing (Lucian & Zyra) and I was like "they're not allowed to reach lvl 2 before us." I ping brand to damage the ranged minions. All he does is standing in the brush. Sure we got pushed and sure they damaged us hard and traded. Then Brand came on the genius idea to follow zyra to ward in the tri brush. Magically she returns faster back than him. When I am under turret and farm getting all this poke on me, I don't know what I am supposed to do. In the end I got killed because he wanted to fight and I was killed because I wanted to help him out there. Fine. Coming on lane again. Brand leaves me for some reason and I die to a gank where it was not warded. (Only river brush in lane warded) When I saw her (Diana) I instantly flashed away to create atleast some distance. Nope still too slow. I died many times because noone was there to assist me, because I am not able to do something on my own as adc. I am reliant on my team. And everytime I die 1v3, nomatter if I'm under turret or not, I instantly get that stupid-ass flame from other players (mostly junglers) and when I report them, I never hear anything from a punishment or what the fuck ever. Then the players argue about me that I bla bla bla suck bla bla bla feed, bla bla bla reported bla bla bla bla. I mean sure 1v3 :^) as adc is so easy. Then I see this Rengar dying midlane 2v2. He instantly like "ff this". People who want to ff because they are doing mistakes make me so sick. In Diamond I have seen SO MANY F* people giving up at 5 minutes it was impossible to believe how stupid they actually were. In my promos to Dia for example, I had 4 fucking afks/trolls, because they have done bad. And when we fight they are taking every kill so I can't do a comeback from something what was not my fault. Sure it's my fault that I'm not sitting in the fountain, cause apparantly this is the only safe place for me from all the tryhards. These are the REAL toxic players. They are the players have to be perma banned, and not anybody else and I see in so many games that that is not getting better in anyway. You can't rely on a system or a bot when it's about reports. It would have to be done by humans, and you know that is impossible. Riot this game is full of those players apparantly. It's sad that it's a teamgame since humans are sometimes a pile of monkeys with their selfie-sticks, which they use to scratch their back. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Infact, this game is never going to be fair. This game is made by humans, and humans don't know by themselves what's wrong and right. So what can Riot atleast do (what they won't, because nobody wants to listen to people to know better). Give them a guide book. Easy. Explain every role. Explain what often happens, situations, like mine just now. Explain what the fuck is really going on there. When I hear people this Rengar calling me bad or whatever I could get so mad right away. Muting? Ah so I should mute everyone at the start with /mute all? :o Well. Fuck. Their mentality is not disappearing. You are still going to be confronted with their ingame actions and trolling so you can't comeback "because you suck". This is the reason why players are still toxic. They don't know. If someone random tells them, then they declare that guy as an idiot. The same happened with prophets who had a message from god. When you are/have a tribunal like that, you need to have the best system. And because humans are not perfect, we are never going to have one like that. The only one who truly has it is الله. He is the only and fair judge, who judges always to 100% correctly and fair. This game is no fun anymore through those people, especially when you main adc... This game got less fun... Though I love playing Jinx and Vayne, two champions who actually need skills (otherwise I wouldn't have my 13 Pentakills and wouldn't be diamond, since you are reliant on your team and later on your skills) If I'd main something else, then I'd probably be higher. ---------------------------------------------------------------- I am seeing the comments coming: Why are you not quitting? I will. I hope I will. Dynamic queues are coming, but this is not going to change the players themselves. Just like today's problems. NO HUMAN IS GOING TO FIGURE OUT THE TRUTH WITH THE MINDSET LIKE MANY HUMANS HAVE IT IN EUROPE AND THE USA. They are only listening to medians, who don't even bring authentic information and are believing it instantly. If someone else tells them different, they declare that person as idiot. The humans are same in the game and real life. Riot can change it ingame. ---------------------------------------------------------- With that mindset, the world won't surivive the next 50 years, as the elites are building with the help of the medians on christians and muslims to be confronted and come into war somehow. So much more to it. Those who are saying that muslims are terrorists, are those toxic and dumb people from league. They are not informing. Like the humans do (not) in real life. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well we all have seen what’s going on here. Here is an easy question: Where do we get the information from? Are we right there at the place where the event happened, practically everywhere? No we aren’t. The answer is simple, even a child can answer it. Television, or in general medians. Right now they are our only source of information. If it’s in the internet, newspaper or television or whatever doesn’t matter at all. Have you ever been thinking about that this power could be abused? Well probably not directly. That is what the medians are doing right now, but not in the way that it is illegal. Every human has a kind of bias and when you write, let us say, a news article, you are always having a purpose in your mind. Right now their plan is to make muslims look like terrorists. They are naming isis terrorists “islamists”, even though that what they are doing has absolutely nothing to do with islam and is punished in islam with hell. They can hold up the Quran and scream allahu akbar as often as they want, but it’s not going to change the facts, that killing in islam is vorbidden, except when you are in wars you haven’t started, means: When you are being attacked by somebody else. We have that in europe as a rule. You are allowed to defend yourself. They are defenitely not defending themselves. Now, medians are writing “islamists” and people automatically think that muslims tend to be aggressive and violent. So many humans tend to put a whole community into a bucket and call them something, only because some people say that they are a part of that community, which is again as I said, completely lied and denied by logics through the statements in the holy quran. Humans that are reading the articles or hear from them, are instantly abusing muslims. The cool and funny thing about that is, that they don’t even want to research because of lazyness, or whatever reason. Then they come to one with the weakest arguments and when you crush them, they are still not accepting what you’re saying even thought what you’re saying is completely logical. Those people are talking like they know everything on earth while they even have not read the quran, or even been thinking about it. Good job. https://scontent-vie1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/v/t1.0-9/12274776_916652038371992_4324678450913932737_n.jpg?oh=2be8cfc3913d0432a7a9ec893c38c92e&oe=56B9F215
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