Remember when Skins were less expencive on release?

Remember when Skins were less expensive on release? Or when early buyers were given a free border ( like project skins or elemental lux)? This SG event is good and I shouldn't complain about it especially because there's a lot of work put into it. But the thing that I want to know is, Is it alright to expect us to pay 400 extra rp just for a border and an icon nobody cares about? Before we were rewarded for buying new content early now we actually just get an "opportunity" to pay an extra amount to get little to nothing in return like with Conqueror Karma (u had to buy the Skin, Icon and Ward to get border). I feel the need to express my disappointment in regards to this desition that literally makes these epic skins (1350rp) be as expensive as legendary ones (1800).
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