If YOU were a champion in LoL..

...what would your skills be? Would you be OP? (Rules: You may take skills from other champions or invent your own. Dmg and scaling optional.) **Droshnikh** Passive - Sprinter: Build up energy upon standing still. Moving while having energy stacks increases movement speed by 45 and expends them at a rate of 40 per 1 sec. Q - Throw Stuff: Throw random stuff like tableware, trash and so on in a random direction (135° cone area). If an enemy unit is hit they will take damage and the stuff bounces back a short distance. Thrown stuff will remain on the ground for 2 seconds and can be picked up to lower the cooldown of Throw Stuff. W - Advice: Instruct an ally, increasing the damage of their next damaging ability by 20%. E - don't know :/ R - Overdrive: You gain stacks of Enrage every time you get hit by an enemy champion basic attack or skill, based on damage recieved. At 100 stacks you can activate Overdrive increasing size and movement speed by 35%. 2 seconds later enemies in a large area around you take damage are knocked in the air. _________________________________________ I guess I would be a support champion. I'm quickly exhausted while running, I'm bad at skillshots, I like to help people and I like engaging myself. :x
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