RNG Q whats up with that?

Referring to Flex Q BTW. It don't make sense. I just had 2 bronze players on my team whilst the enemy team had 3 plats of which 2 of them were diamond last season. Game didn't actually go that bad all considered, but Rito? Whats up with that? I aint buying someone saying something like "It needs to find what elo you're at" I know this, ok. A bronze player that has been bronze for a couple of seasons hasn't jumped 1200 ELO over night so why put them against it? Also i was G4 at the end of this season so i highly doubt my ELO balanced it out lol. Anyone else finding strange matchings? I've had a whole tier above before... not seen bronze all the way to diamond though so this is a first. I will drink my beer whilst reading these fine comments. Make them comical. Cheers chaps.
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