I can't play ranked anymore

I'm in Diamond 4 on my Main aco%%%%, I decided to make a new one only playing support as i main it. I get through promos ok-ish with 3 games having afkers (Not ideal) make it to gold promos within a day (Lucky huge win streak) then all of a sudden it's like the game doesnt want me to surpass gold? (I know crazy) but..... i have had a loss streak of 13 games (i kid you not) each of them having either an afk or someone feeding on purpose.... and i cant get past this stage... to the point i just cant play on a second account..... if i go play on my main account im winning games fine with no problems at all..... i can actually slightly believe this "elo hell" stuff people speak of. I physically can't win games in silver, it's actually crazy........ is this common? i actually feel really bad at the game in this elo{{item:3151}}
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