How to Beat Gold

Getting to Platinum means getting to High Elo-level but in order to do that you first need to beat gold It took me only a week to get from gold 5 to gold 1 but because its the 1st division of course it had to be so hard to beat so it took me an extra 2 weeks to get to platinum here are 5 ways I used to do it: 1-**Vision Control** WARD EVERYWHERE, wards can prevent deaths and set up kills, and don't just ward, also destroy enemy wards, always check the bushes the enemies most likely to have a pink ward in, warding helps you not lose, de-warding helps you win, but wards are useless if you don't have a good Map awareness which brings me to my second point 2-**Map Awareness**A really valuable skill in League, It prevents enemies from sneaking up on you OR your allies, because probably most players higher than gold 5 will see your pings or your messages saying " enemy X is coming to Y lane, go back ", I stopped my allies from dying to easily avoidable ganks many times by just ~~saying~~ spamming that, you can also use this skill to read your enemies movements and set up kills or make sure you're safe while taking an objective or going in a fight, or you need is one glimpse of them on the map, the easies way to master this skill is to main jungle and Support which brings me to my 3rd point 3-**Play Jungle and Support** because you don't have to keep looking at yourself to make sure you last hit, you can keep looking at the map and help your allies ,also jungle is the best role to carry in, you might not hard-carry as much as midlaners but its much easier to carry in the jungle than midlane and ignite-supports are very easy to win lane with, and most of them have a good engage and can also roam to midlane to help your allies on top of that there are a lot of easy jungle and support champs that don't require you much mechanical skill which brings me to my 4th point 4-**Play Easy Champions** Ranked is all about winning ( especially that you are now gold ) so if you want to have fun and play the champs you want and have fun with thats fine just don't do it in ranked, In ranked play easy champs like garen, vi , leona, alistar, nautilus, xin zhao or annie I'm pretty sure you heard this a lot by now, but seriously just play easy champs, which brings me t.. JK I'm done with this 5-**Don't waste your time on chat** I'm going to be honest if league had voice chat I would have probably gotten banned over 10 times now for flaming and toxicity but I don't usually flame in ranked because ain't nobody got time for that, if someone is annoying you just mute them, don't waste your time on them, its useless, I'm not saying you shouldn't use chat at all, what I'm saying is just don't talk about anything that obviously won't help you win the game and these are the 5 ways I used to get to Plat, hope it helps{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:111}}
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