Can we make it so the once who doesn't want to surrender, can continue playing

I understand that getting all 10 players to agree or even stick around for a new round, is hard, but some ppl really enjoy surrendering. I hate that. I have been apart of games where the score is 2 vs 23 at 15min, and we won lategame. We won with a negative kills/score, like 47 vs 57 kills. Why is there so many who enjoy surrendering? Some games like yesterday, we had 7 /surrender votes before the game ended, and we won the game. Why cant the guys who wants to surrender and starts to flame in the chat, and /surrender on cooldown just agree too surrender, and the others that don't want to surrender, doesn't have to surrender, and continue to play X vs 5 (between 1vs5 and 4vs5)
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