i need a reason why i should keep playing

so as the title says i need a reason to keep playing im sick of the toxic community (raging kids) every game to the point before i even buy items im /mute all ive tried swapping to different roles and lanes to see if i'll enjoy it more which didnt work idk why riot thinks its a good idea to take away solo que because as ive seen on the boards and reddit its really stupid and is killing a key part of the game also im annoyed you took away mobile payment away for my country so i cant buy rp anymore the sever is the worst sever ive played on in terms of lag and dying almost every two weeks and the fact eu can only get new Features a mouth after every other sever is disgusting and if its because you dont want to put the sever under more stress then think about improving the sever there are many more issue i have but the main thing is im not enjoying the game anymore ive been playing smite the last few days and they've fixed alot of stuff over the last year so if they can why cant you
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