Deck building game?? help??

I'm American and well Im trying to design a deck building game mostly a PVP game concept like ascension but i want to make it feel more like resident evil DBG where you flip over a center deck monster or event happens you try to kill it or suffer a penalty or possibly die. I'm good at marketing that's my strong point. I'm looking for some people who can help me create my goal and eventually we can try to get it published. I have very little artistic ability or idea how to do things on adobe trying to learn but I'm not that good. I play a lot of deck builders and TCG in my free time and this is why i really want to do this i want to put stuff i kinda enjoy to make a really fun game to play. I would take any help because when i Google where to start Im not getting much stuff i already know not finding forum to start this and i don't want to go straight to a Kickstarter without any idea what I'm offering. ill be checking this forum throughout the day so reply to this forum thanks in advance

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