Riot Employee replies on boards.

Has anyone noticed how little Riot employees actually respond to posts on the boards, obviously I understand that they can not reply to every post that someone puts up, and a lot of posts are nonsense with people moaning about non-issues, but even where there is a legitimate post about a legitimate concern in the game, and that post is getting a lot of attention from the community, there is no Red reply... Proof on point: at the time of writing this, according to the red tracker, the last red post was a day ago, and six days before that. It is of course personal opinion, but a company like Riot, that literally only has a single game to support should really be more involved in their community, again, not saying they should reply to every single post, but when there is a genuine discussion going on about their game, they should get involved, you know, show the community that they actually care like they promise they do so often... While logic tells me they do read the boards, judging by the state of the game and the community and the fact that they are so inactive on their own forums just bolsters the idea that they do not care about the player base, so long as the money rolls in, they are happy, which is bullshit in my opinion. Here is a cookie for anyone who took the time to read this, I thank you {{item:2009}}
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