I just got harassed by the enemy team for building Lich Bane on Veigar

Kalista: "You're not supposed to build Lich Bane because you're an AP caster you f*cking retard" -Gets blown up from R + aa. Nidalee: "Lich Bane on Veigar is bad you idiot" later that game........ Nidalee: "omfg, Veigar is the most toxic champ in this game, AOE stun, Q that takes half ur HP, broken W, point click R to delete anyone, and now this lich bane bullshit wtf" *Nidalee gets one shotted from Q + lich bane* Nidalee: "OMFG, WTF, IEPUGBOZHG¨HGBBOIERHBGOHNS" Kalista: "LOL LOL LOL SO EASY" Nidalee: "SO MUCH COUNTERPLAY OMG" It's funny cause these people are playing Kalista and Nidalee. P.S: My team won that game ;) EDIT: Nidalee getting oneshotted in slow motion by 'Final Boss' Veigar(me)'s ultimate in that same game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFq5GkYy0xA
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