Anybody you electronics shop 'Powercity'? yeah never buy there

So I recently bought my laptop there. Okay, I did some research before hand on what a laptop needs and I got so many opinion that I was really confused. I decided to ask a salesperson when I get there. I talked to this worker and explained everything to him. That it needs to be a really strong computer because the game needs that. He recommended me getting this computer and I was really happy since it was only 420. However when I got home and played the game I realized that NOPE this computer is extremely slow for the game and not what I have asked for. It is impossible to play my game. Okay I looked at my receipt which said they will return it if the box is unopened. I'm sorry what? I went back and they wouldn't return it. They said it was used and therefore they can't take it back. They said they called the hq (which I'm 100% sure they didn't because there was no time). I talked to the guy who sold me this thing and he said 'you can play SOME games on it'....I asked him for a really strong computer for League of Legends and he's telling me now it's for SOME games?? So how weak is it then and why you sold it to me?? :D They told me to email their boss and that they will give it to me. It's funny that I asked them for it and only then they said it's on the receipt. Did they get scared or..? Left there crying. Later that they I sent a letter to their hq address and I got a reply today....Nothing good either and they ignored everything I said which I didn't even mention here. I was even ready to get another laptop which costs a lot more than this crappy one (because I knew getting a refund from them was out of the question) The thing is yes now I know what a laptop needs trust me I do but such awful service!!! LIKE I'M SORRY BUT ARE YOU IDIOTS??? Just if anyone of you know them or wanting to get a laptop...ever trust workers. all they want is to sell and it doesn't matter if the product is good for what you're asking.
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