Which god would you follow?

[Nothing to do with actual religion, just read before you jump to that conclusion.] I've been watching a lot of 'CaptainSparklez' lately, and got stuck on his 'Realm of Mianite' series (some might know it, for those that don't: not important, I'll Elaborate everything needed for my question later). Then I've been thinking about some RL multi-god religions, and those sometimes even have up to hundreds of gods for... whatever just seems convinient. (wouldn't be surprised if there would be a sub-sub-god for bowls somewhere...) In that series the... participants would choose to side with a god, in that case the Options would be a 'good' god, a 'neutral' one and a 'bad' one. Everyone could pray to their got and bring sacrifices (different gods like different sacrifices, e.g. the 'bad' one would enjoy human sarifices, while the 'good' one would dislike them) in hope of their god fulfilling a prayer. Adding to that, Gods would be displeased and punish their followers if they were to do something the respective god didn't like (e.g. a follower of the 'good' god harming another follower of the 'good' god, while the 'bad' god might just enjoy it as long as anyone got hurt) (Naturally, it would come to conflicts between gods, especial when followers of different gods would interact possibly hostile.) In the end followers could still do whatever they please, but whatever god they choose to follow will judge positively or negatively, granting them Support or taking it away/even punishing. And I thought, why not extend this idea to like... hell of a lot gods. So go ham with your god-specifications (just try to have it make at least some sense) **If in a hypothetical Scenario god-like beings like that would exist, which one would you follow?** ------------------- I personally would mos tlikey god for the God/Godess of Forgiving. Looking at todays world, he/she seems a bit lonely, so I'd wanna give him/her some Company. And most of my deeds would consist of giving cakes to people that forgave someone or not being mad at anyone. That sounds like like a nice way to live to me. x3
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