Giving up from lol

Ok comunity, u gonna be happy for my retire, but acctualy the one game, that make me crazy, and angry all the time is lol, i cant play this game that doens't have fun , for me lol have 0% fun not even 0,01%. every time i catch retards, this game is destroying day per day, ofc i cant play normals, aram, tt, dominion,urf,every mod or every map without a perfect game (this mean no troller,flamer or feeder) every day people is registering lol 1-k to 5-k ofc its not true its just me thinking, and this people 90% will flame or feed in future, lol wasnt' a game that i was spectating, since i started playing in season 4 i was noob and didn't knowed it the "real game" since iam playing 2 years ago iam getting frustated, i broke so friendships, (in real life) because they played lol, theres no game that makes me crazy, angry and frustated only (LEAGUE OF LEGENDS) if u want to suggest me other game send me.
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