Am I too old to play video games?

I'm 26, not married, working 5 days a week from 7 to 15:30 but I love league of legends and spend every seconds from when I get home until I go to bed playing / watching / boards and mostly thinking about this game !!! and I'm not making any money from it I do have a youtube channel for my league plays but there are 2 problems I don't have time to edit videos so I haven't uploaded in a long time and i live in Iran so I can't make any money from youtube in fact when I was making my channel I set my country to UK so I could make the channel ( don't tell youtube ) and on top of that I'm not even high elo after playing for 4 years witch is the most #feelsbadman part I saw a post on boards today about players age and saw most of the players are much younger than me and it got me thinking am i too old to play games? is it a waste of time if I'm enjoying it? and should I start uploading videos on youtube? is there any future in that? feel free to check my channel there are some old badly edited low level plays on it :D the name is get Juk3d and my logo is a victory banner with my name on it
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