Lol...this community

You know the world is better off with a nuclear war when people think that suicide is funny...i wonder what they think when their parents suicide out of the blue.... No rly this is getting stupid already. "reform" my ass riot, start instabanning before you end up being the hotbed for criminalist minds. Overreacting a bit but the kid has a point. Being suicidal is nothing to joke about, especially in open, public conversation. And yes, internet convos are public. So %%%%ing grow the %%%% up and stop joking on things that literally mean life or death ..... the stupidity and ignorance of people saying "ignore". Not everyone can ignore and quite a number of psychologist actually agree that best answer is not just retaliation or ignoring, but totally destroying your advesary. Been to hell and back to see that those kids and mentally challenged grownups joking about sich subjects usually end up being the worst people in the world, usually beaten up by the one who got offended as well as punished by law and sociaty
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