(Rant) Why does all new skins are never for Champs that actually have not alot skins ?

This just sucks Riot, you always give champs that have enough skins to buy new skins.. just why? Illaoi is almost a year out now, and she only has this one skin that she got from her release i don't even wanna start with Yorick There are so many Champions that didn't got a skin in such a long time like Evelynn or Galio or Trundle or dem Zac who still only has 2 skins (Chroma is no skin it's just a different colour) And now you give Ashe a project skin, a champ that has already 7 skins and Ahri, a champ that has already 6 skins and Katarina, she has already 8, dem skins Just why Riot ?, give some love to champs with 1-3 Skins, not the Champs that already have enough skins Such as {{champion:421}} or {{champion:223}} You give them one skin extra and say ''Now we can create more skins for champ that already have 6-10 skins because they are mained the most'' Seriously, do not only concentrate on the presentation flowers from League but also on the other champs Also don't forget Riven... she litteraly starves in your basement where Champs wait for a buff or a new skin
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