Warring Kingdom skins & Dynasty warriors.

I'm almost certain this toxic would have been discussed before because there's many passioniate Dynasty warrior fans but if the small potential that there hasn't been one I'd love to put in my own input considering I've played Dynasty warriors ever since 1 was released lol Warring Kingdoms Jarvan: Lu Bu Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao: Zhao Yun Warring Kingdoms Garen: Guan Ping Warring Kingdoms Azir: Liu Bei. Warring Kingdoms Vi: Xingcai I have an issue with the Garen and Vi skins though, they aren't really definible. Zhao Yun is clearly Xin Zhao in the skin provided but when you compare Garen's Guan Ping skin it could be Guan Yu also, The Vi skin could also be Lu Xun who belongs to the Wu clan so it wouldn't make much sense for that to be him, I guess they most of lost the lisence with Koei for their popular characters along the way or something or they just had to fit the character to the move set lol But let me know if you think my comparisons are accurate if you're a fan of the dynasty warriors franchise too, I'd love to hear it
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