Add a Balkan languages in league

Hello. So, as we all know, there is a lot of league players from Balkan (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, and other Balkan countries) and a person i know has emailed support with question "What are chances to add Balkan languages in League?", so he got respond that he can create a discussion here and if a lot of people want it, it can happen. Since he doesn't know how to do that and i haven't seen anyone else do it, i decided to post it myself. (I did a minor search on the topic and i couldn't find it, so i apologize if it is already posted). So, what we need is for you guys to create a lot of hype about this, support it and we can make it happen. It would be a minor change, but really nice to see, considering how many players are actually from that area. Thank you all in advance.
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