Like, couldn't you have given the LEGENDARY skin to ANY other of the project guys?

Master Yi. Seriously. A champion whose literally only playable in the lowest of the lowest elo. The champion that has so damned simple mechanics that nobody (except those whom only enjoy getting kills in lower elos) enjoys playing him. For fucks sake. If you had put that effort into ANY of the other project skins they would automatically have been 10x better. I was really excited for a next legendary skin. This is so saddening to see a champion like that get a legendary skin when they might as well could have given it to any of the other projects. EDIT: I just want to mention that even in Normals every single Master Yi i've seen so far has pretty much been purely a backbone of extra gold for the enemy team, leaving us in pretty much a 4v6 situation. Normals have ban matchmaking thus i'm matched with better players from higher elo, higher elos where Yi seems completely useless.
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