i am seriously willing to pay half of my salary a month to riot if they fix their auto ban system :D

THIS IS NOT A HATE POST- THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM THAT IS AFFECTING THE GAME AND EVEN PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS first of all before even saying anything, riot fanbois who defend this company as if someone is going to sue them on this forum, plz dont comment on my posts if you have nothing usefull to say other than fake up lies that you think are facts with no proofs we all know riot has a shltty ban system and you saying no proves nothing while thousand of ppl getting chat restricted or banned for saying '' shlt '' does quite indeeed proves a lot- :D plz? -talk to much? well auto ban system gonna f you up -having a fun chat with your friend and in joke joke you say something bad to him which would totally be normal any other day but eyy riot auto ban system gonna f you up :D
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