Why is Malphite an Assassin now?

Literally it's probably one of the most unfun things to play against since even if he falls behind and some might say "oh but he is squishy" he still has his game changing ult like a {{champion:246}} which makes him essentially not fall of no matter if he is behind or not. The problem really becomes apparent when you play in low elos where people clump together when they're not supposed to and spread out when it's not safe. Then it's essentially a free elo machine just like a yi and Tryndamere which also some might say are "balanced" but really these sort of champs are nightmares to deal with since no one will just pick a champ to counter these champs most of the time. So while they are undoubtedly balanced in higher MMR in low elos this sh*t is just not fair at all Tanks that get to deal more damage and be more useful than you in every way? hell yeah count me in.
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