Salty Riven Main made my day :)

Hi guys and welcome to my first "Discussion" So I just finished a game where I was Poppy and went top against a Riven, a quick look at LoLNexus showed it was a Plat3 Riven Main (350 Ranked Games S5) and since I'm only Gold4 I was already preparing to get destroyed. So I was getting into the lane expecting the worst - and completely wrecked that Riven. I have to give credit to my Jungler though, those early ganks really got me rolling. So after I succeed at a crazy solo dive and kill her for the 3rd time, she wrote the first message in All Chat: "This Champion" Obviously my first thought was "yeah, a Riven Main has every right to say that lol". My second thought was "Wait, is this guy tilting? Alright, this will be fun". So she got back to lane and played super aggressive and bam, I killed her again. Then at some point she got help from her midlaner who had 13 kills after 15 Minutes - guess who messed up the dive and who walked away with a double kill :D As the Game went on, we were eventually successful at destroying their Nexus and that sweet Victory Screen popped up. But winning was not the best part of that game, and being an unkillable Tank with decent burst wasn't either. It was the Riven, who constantly wrote in All Chat about "retarded OP Champions" (the salt only made the irony better) and "Rito bullsh t" and continued to whine after the game because she got her *ss handed to her by a Gold4 scrub. So that's the story about how I made a Riven Main cry, can i get a Cookie for that? :D tl;dr: rekt a Riven, made her cry, felt awesome, pls give Cookie Thank you for your time and have a nice ... Morning (5:24 AM here)
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