I found my true love in League of Legends number 2

EDIT: Added stuff below to make it up to date. ^^ (TLDR -- Met girl on League. After some time I got into a relationship with her. Met in person and all was great. Started living together for 2 years now.) **August 2016** Some time ago I was totally done with League of Legends in general. The dynamicQ system, bad matchmaking and an unfair ranked ladder made me question playing this game for longer. Don't get me wrong, the game is still great - it's just that I find it hard to enjoy it with the negative (subjective) changes compared to the previous seasons. Anyways, I was on the verge of uninstalling this game, but before I did that I made a post in Teams and Clubs to find some people to play with - to make me feel like League is actually still worth playing. A few people responded but there was one of them who really appealed to me. I didn't know it was a girl at first (not like it mattered) and we just played some casual games. We really enjoyed each others humour and decided we should use Skype to make it more fun, which we did. I was greeted with the most warm voice I have ever heard. It was a voice that made all of my problems go away in an instant. That's how it felt at least. Anyways, we just thought of each other as just friends that really enjoyed each others company. (or at least, so did I) I am not over exaggerating it if I said that we talked for 7-8 hours a day, through Skype, while playing games or just talk about random stuff. Kinda whatever we could think of, and it was great! To keep the story semi-short, I started to develop feelings for her since I truly thought that she was the perfect person on earth for me. However, I was really scared that I was the only person that felt that way and I'd ruin the entire friendship. In fact, that did not happen at all. She really liked me too, and I was really relieved. This happened on the second of June. She was scared to move into deeper water and so was I. I told her my feelings and so did she, but I told her that we shouldn't rush things and we should just enjoy each others company some more. I was scared to go too fast. For the sake of her and for my own. Right now, we are in a relationship and we talk for 10 hours a day since we both have summer vacation. I go to university and she just finished college. We even had a time where we talked for 15 hours non-stop. People may say this is kinda cringe, but keep in mind she lives in England and I live in the Netherlands so just visiting her is just not an option right now for multiple reasons. We just cam together and love talking to each other. I've had multiple relationships before but never have I felt something like this for someone before. I haven't even met her in person yet but I still know that she is perfect for me. I love her to pieces. I know that you may have doubts, but this post can't contain all the feelings at all. I just love sharing it for the ones interested or have something similar that happened to them. "I'll never ever leave you, you're the only person I see in this world, the only one I want to care so deeply for. You're the most perfect person and I want to love you forever more and more because there is never a limit to how much I feel for you. Knowing that you love me makes all of my worries feel like a breeze because you're the only thing that matters to me. Be your silly, funny, cheery self forever, love. One day we'll be together and the pain will go away, but it will be the most special and wonderful thing. I'll wait forever for you..." (Quote of the girl I told you all about) Yes, this is the person I want to be with all my life. I know when someone is right for me, and that will be her. Why did I type this? I just wanted to share the luck I received. Who would have thought I'd meet someone like that over the forums just like that? I'm so happy and I would like to thank Riot games for making such an amazing game, in order for me to find the girl of my dreams. **January 2017** During Christmas, I've visited her in London and I can genuinely say that it was amazing. It was all that I expected her to be and more! I really had the time of my life over there. And also, considering people are quite skeptical about internet relationships, I can ensure you that they can work out perfectly fine. We rented a room in London and I spent a week over there. We already made plans for the upcoming times and as my internship starts this year, we'll be moving in for 6 months together. To everyone out there that knows someone over the internet and is a bit skeptical about it, Yes! It can work out. We've both never been so happy before and it really, really made me feel lucky. I dropped my own elo and just went inactive on this account in the past season and just started playing with her in gold/platinum. Keep in mind I play a different role and different champions over there. And no, she doesn't want to be boosted since she keeps asking that she wants to do it alone, but also likes the fact to play with me. And another no for you guys here, she plays mid now and not support. Either I play adc or jungle. ^^ **January 2019** Have been living with her in the Netherlands for 2 years now. She went to uni here as well and I am currently writing my thesis. We plan on moving to the UK in a few years. :) Have a nice day boards! {{champion:119}}
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