Gold V

(I put this in Off Topic as I wasn't sure of where to put this thread) So I recently climbed in to Gold, only to find that my games became immediately less enjoyable. There was more flame, more feeding, and honestly a lot more giving up/afk throughout the game from teammates. I was demoted. But a couple of days ago, I got back in to Gold, and now again the same thing happens. I found myself easily climbing through Bronze and Silver, but as soon as I hit Gold something seems to change. So, what I am wondering, is if this is simply coincidental, or if others have experienced this too. I would be interested to understand why this might happen, given that I am still likely playing with players of a similar Elo than before I reached Gold, albeit slightly higher. Also, I am in no way saying I play perfectly in every game. Of course I don't always play well, noone does, but that's not what I am focusing on here.
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