When Riot make champion , he makes champion model ( .skn ) in Autodesk Maya 2018 version , then he make skeleton ( .skl ) for that model , than he make animations ( .anm ) , ability sound ( .bnk ) and champion voice ( .wpk ) , ohh , i forget to say texture file ( .dds ) and particles ( ??? , maybe .dds too ) and then pack it everything in .wad.client . How does Riot make this files ? I know it's not simple , but i want to know do i need to know programinng language/s and which language/s i need to know . Tell me everything that i need to know for each file , what i need to know , because these files are unknown to everyone , and this means only people in Riot who make this things , know this . I hope you will now understand , sorry for ' my english ' !

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