Anyone with good knowledge regarding diets/eating properly?

I have a problem and that is...I can't eat properly. And I know I have been having a bad diet habit. 1. Breakfast... I hate to eat breakfast. I don't feel very hungry in the morning. And when I think of bread/sandwiches or yoghurt/cornflakes. Those typical breakfast, I have no appetite at all. The best I'm doing right now is drinking a glass of choco-milk. (But then I read that there is a higher chance to develop kidney stone if one doesn't eat a proper breakfast...and I'm worried about that.) I have been skipping breakfast ... almost daily. v.v 2. Lunch, I think my lunch is the meal I'm best with eating. I usually make some chicken nuggets/sausages and fries, and I will eat a tomato. Well, that is pretty much it. I eat myself quite full for lunch. 3. Fruits. I'm not so good with eating fruits either. I don't know why, but I don't feel for eating those either. It is like, I look at fruits. And I'm thinking 'should I eat one?' I just don't have any appetite for that either. 4. Dinner... I usually eat very little for dinner. And sometimes if I don't feel hungry I skip dinner all together. Mostly I eat maybe...half a bowl of rice and some tofu. Or I make myself some misosoup. Most of the time I don't wanna eat any meat for dinner, only light stuff. If I happen to wanna eat...again I would want to eat chicken nuggets. x.x Or I make some instant noodles. I know I don't eat well right now, this has been like that for a couple of years actually. And I only like junk food... But lately I actually wanna try take better care of my health. But it is so hard for me to eat properly. Anyone have suggestion, how to recover appetite for eating as usual? //Thx
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