Ranked solo VS TFT

Lets compare the both and choose what we like the most :) Ranked: Pros: more interactive you need to use your brain in multiple levels read the opponent in order to win. Cons : 90% of the player base can not think, you are trying to carry every single game, but you always have 2-3 morons feeding and trolling. You get mad because you can not believe how bad people can be at this game. So you waste your time trying to 1v5. TFT Cons : A bit slow you, not much you can do keyboard wise. It is RNG so sometimes you might lose without being able to do anything Pros: NO stupid idiots in your team, you can actually enjoy the game, you can lose but you will be calm either because you made the mistakes you need to correct, or as i said before sometimes you can not do anything. So the choice is yours, i lean towards tft the stupidity of some people is insufferable.
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