1,000 days+ no skins

Another Ahri skin, Elderwood Ahri, but where are skins for champions like Skarner {{champion:72}} , Xerath {{champion:101}} , Zilean {{champion:26}} , Mordekaiser {{champion:82}} , Rek'Sai {{champion:421}} , Kassadin {{champion:38}} , Vel'Koz {{champion:161}} , Sion {{champion:14}} , Kindred {{champion:203}} , and even my main champion Nautilus {{champion:111}} . i'm psyched for a new Nautilus skin for so long and i pray to the riot skin designers that his next skin is a legendary tier skin, or even a REALLY REALLY good epic tier skin with a lot of chromas hopefully. OR even where Nautilus gets two skins in the same patch like Blitzcrank did. I'm dying for a new Nautilus skin. Riot please, show Nautilus some love. And really put some thought into the skin. It HAS to be perfection like the X-Men meme, if you get what i mean {{item:3070}} cries in the corner alongside all the 1,000 days + without a new skin champions This is the reddit link of a document showing the last release date of skins for each champion and there's many over 1000 days. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EGOClu2TYHwl6Ub53RkHxcnlw0P4mEFVwCmZq5V331c/edit#gid=1609492492
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