Should I get a laptop or stick to my desktop?

Here is the laptop I was thinking of getting Here is my current build (that isnt turning on for whatever reason, despite being all new. Ive concluded its the chassis or MOBO) I just cant decide if I want to cut my loses by returning the chassis and MOBO to newegg then selling the other parts. My main consideration is Im currently a student and I go back and forth to from the US to the UK. So Id have to find a place to store the desktop in the summers. Thats really the only draw back currently. (and I just broke my cheapo laptop, though I was thinking of getting a thinkpad tablet for office tasks) My other concern is the disparity between the laptop and the desktop. How much better will my desktop perform? Considering they are basically at the same price points with the current sale on the laptop. I really only play LoL, and games like dark souls. I also use stats programmes like SPSS, though not really with enough data to matter.

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