I swear new players have it rough

So a friend of mine asked me what I thought of the game and since I couldn't give them a clear answer, they decided to try it out and I added them so I could spectate whenever I was on. The games I saw were just... yeesh. My friend would always change champions every game against other players, sometimes they did well and other times... not so much. I noticed a trend though. Yasuo's are ALWAYS toxic Everyone on the enemy team says 'Ez' which is not only ruining the good sportmanship but also in 75% of the games where they said that, the friend's team was never balanced (4 v 5/3 v 5 with the 5 being the enemy team). Toxicity in general was much higher like... well, how is a squishy Teemo meant to try and survive a Varus and Morgana bot lane on his own? Furthermore, apparently building the 'recommended' items is now considered trolling as when they were playing Teemo, they built Nashor's first. AFK's and leavers are common Threats for reports are far too common (Seriously, when they played Riven, they went 15/1/4 but that one death was just before the end and the Yasuo (Surprise surprise), told everyone to 9x the Riven for inting when they themselves were in a very poor KDA (I'm too lazy to check)). I mean, does this really show how little toxic players are banned? I would hate to be just starting now and oh yeah, that's right, bots galore in co-op vs AI but they stopped doing that after SL 5.
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