Dear League Community *Not Important At All*

Okay so, It's not thaaaaat important (**or is it**) but since you're here, 2 days ago I posted my first ever discussion (that I didn't delete lmao) on LoL boards & I made an account on mobafire purely to 'connect' with the community (this isn't my first account but it is however the first time I'm on forums/boards etc.). Coming into this game I never believed all the negative talk about this community being super toxic and this that oh league community is so bad worst gaming community, I just completely ignored all that and downloaded the game (first account was maybe 2-ish years ago). Did I start believing all those things that were being said **at first**? Yes definitely. Has my opinion changed now? **Yes**. Why? Well because in these 2/3 days that I've been talking to other League players it's become so much more fun and it's just awesome. Just coming to the boards in the morning to look at all these silly & funny things people post makes my day or commenting and having a conversation with someone about something really changed everything about this game for me. Basically this 'discussion' is just me appreciating this community that the game has created and the community that has created this game. {{sticker:sg-jinx}} {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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