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Bronze5 to diamond 5
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Hey there! I started yesterday bronze V to Diamond V challenge. Well what can I say about first 2 days... I played 14games and I was kinda disappointed to lose one In bronze elo :/ I actually should and could have won the game but my map play was a bit poor and I did let that botlane roll over my team. There was some other minor mistakes around the map I ignored and could have turned the game. About the mentality gameplay and overall experience In this elo was just plain horrible. It doesnt matter what you do what someone else does someone will flame or call ill start feeding or ill afk. You do a successful gank and laner proceeds to all chat 'report this for ks and take my cs' What actually happened 'I got a kill and start pushing the lane to tower to deny the xp and cs with him' Most people dont know what to build and What masteries/runes they need. Its actually like a learning playground past lvl30. The ks part was fun tbh! I havent seen it In ages. I got a bit triggered However that botlane actually always afks at tower and doesnt give me a leash but for some odd reason midlaner does o.O is this normal? One of the other funny parts aram mid->im bot/top taking inhib and they totally ignore it untill the' your tower have been destroyed' and they will try to recall next to my team they were just fighting a second ago and die :D. And for whatever reason if someone gave me first blood and 15min later im 15-1 you gotta report that laner/laners. Overall I expected much less but got actually so much more experience of this elo. I will keep updating this post as I climb! Lets see how many games it will take ;)
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