Can i get a refund of all the money i have spend on league of legends

I have recently gotten permaban and i have spend over 1000 euros on this game and i was wonderring if it was possibel to get the money back becouse i really need the moeny now becouse my dad is in some financial trouble and becouse he is mentally %%%%%%et so he doesent have alot of money to pay his bills and back when i actually spendet the 1000€+ it was on his credit card and he has lost a lot of his credit cards over the years and when i was trying to submit a ticket it asked for the credit card that was used on the account and all the defrent credit cards used on the account is no longer in neither my dads or my custody so pleas tell me if there are anything i can do the account is named cokobobo on EU West and sorry for my bad english i am a 14 year old boy from Denmark
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