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PBE Preview: God Staff Jax
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Greetings, Boardians Here we have another God line skin. I've come to the conclusion that this skin line is about giving the champion what he/she/it needs the most: - God Fist Lee Sin: sight - God Staff Jax: staff (real weapon, right?) So, here are possible additions to the collection: - Goddess Speaker Sona: voice; - God Love Lucian: he consists of two characters - Lucian and Senna. They hold hands and shoot their guns as one 'champion'; - God Rock Teemo: he's presented as mighty titan, higher than Nasus; - God, Where's Rakan: Xayah suited into Dora the Explorer clothes, has some quotes to Pickpocket Twitch; - God Skin Brand: he looks exactly like God Fist Lee Sin, but you can only differ them by the skillshot that stunned you instead of someone jumping on you; - Goddess Skates Camille: she has normal legs, but wears pair of sharp ice skate boots; - Oh My God Taric: he's more fashionable, wears tons of golden chains, bracers and rings. Leave your options at the comments. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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