the ranked system

good evening, i am writing to ask about the format of the ranked system which i think is very unfair in terms of matchmaking and gameplay. first of all i would like to address the fact that i am a silver 4 adc main. i like to think that i am a fairly decent player with strong mechanics and decent knowledge of the game. it seems that a lot of the time when i lose games it is when i have an afk/troll or a general player that is playing badly. i am not saying i am a perfect player, i am silver 4; very far from my league aim. like anyone, i have bad games as well. what i was wondering was the amount of lp lost when you lose a game. it seems that it is unfair if u play well and you lose the game, you lose the same lp as say a feeder or troll. why do we not lose less lp if we lose a game when we play well and its not ur fault u lose the game??
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