Xayah & Rakan Contest - Winner Announcement!


As you can see, we are testing out a very new design in this thread, we plan on making all kinds of pretty designs, we hope you like it :)

This is not the reason we created this post though, we are here to announce the winners of our Xayah & Rakan Contest!

Once again you have overwhelmed us with the skills and effort you put into your artworks and stories, we loved all of your entries, but of course we can only reward the very best!

We have chosen the 3 best artworks, as well as the top 3 stories.
Each of the 6 winners will receive 1350RP!
It could take up to a few days for the RP to arrive on your account.

If you're not one of the winners this time, don't worry, the next contest will come soon. Feel free to give us your feedback on anything you particularly liked/disliked, we strive to improve with every single project :)

Here are the winners and their submissions, congratulations!
Luna Aeterna view original

Nur ohne h view original

Light Princess view original

ThornlessRose view original


Nakoruru view original


Trenitaliyah view original