Question: Do you still have fun playing League ?

This isn't a negative post about league or anything like that, i just notice that everyone i play with dont seem to have fun when they play the game. And for me that is quite unfortunate, i like to play the game as a way of maybe having a few laughs while playing it because me or a teammate did a goof, and of course the same laughs will be made if the enemy does a goof. But i feel that it is really rare to find a full team that is all together not toxic and that actually have fun. I noticed that because i just got WoW and so far i've had really nice experiences with people even if i was dying in a dungeon, most of them would just say np and move on like nothing happened, of course sometimes you find the cocky guys leveling new characters that act all smug but i dont think those can compare to the toxicity in league. And in league, you die once and get something like "gg wp, go next". I mostly play normal games because thats where i think most people would go to play for fun but that is not the case. So to finish this post, my question is pretty much. Do you still have fun playing league?
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