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Will continue playing and trashing my lane, while making riot decide the outcome of games, by forcing riot system to match me with really bad players against better players. Do you think I can reach 0% winrate? PS: Im playing to win, but Im not playing to carry nor teach idiots. Like I play to win every game, trash my lane, but end game I dont carry neither I teach anyone, neither will I ever. Like I never feed my lane, and always win my lane FAR from normal, like literally I trash every lane. So why am I being matched with players who constantly feed? hmmm? So what do you think? ever seen anyone with 0% winrate? What are the odds? Robot system? hmm? Which means there is a simple formula to manipulate the matchmaking in order to win almost any game. If there is a formula to lose, there is a formula to win. PS: Playing good isnt the formula to win. Being good at league of legends doesnt make u win. So what is it? ;)
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