Chat rest for 2 games ?

( at game 2 i am syndra ) Game 1 Tieru: evelynn Tieru: i am gonna need some help Tieru: at early levels Tieru: azir with thunderlord hurts early Tieru: after 7 Tieru: i can handle Tieru: talk english kalista Tieru: <<< afk farm Tieru: report evelynn for refusing to communicate Tieru: i gave SS press Z Tieru: 8:34 Tieru: just report evelynn and move to next game Tieru: its lost Tieru: i dont have to play 1v2 mid everygame Tieru: ^^ Tieru: i want to troll game Tieru: my team dont want me to play Tieru: i never talked in champ select ? Tieru: idc Tieru: i got ganked by vi 3 times Tieru: i asked help billion times Tieru: evelynn kept going top Tieru: so i gave up Tieru: cuz vi helped him ^^ Tieru: vi helped azir Tieru: azir helped his team Tieru: vi helped azir and azir helped his team Tieru: i didnt get help Tieru: i dont help my team Tieru: i cant see why my team is flamingme ? Tieru: you guys have idea why theyre flaming me ? Tieru: her oyun midde 2v1 oynamak zorunda değlim sıkıldım Tieru: evelynn ganked 6 times top instead mid Tieru: and fiora never comes fights Tieru: ^^ Tieru: turkissh kalista and fiora premades Tieru: With thrash jungler Tieru: and toxic leona Tieru: Dreamteam Tieru: türkçe biliyor oluşum türk olduğumu göstermez Tieru: he thinkss i am turk just because i speak turkish Tieru: evelynn camped fiora Tieru: for what ? Tieru: answer me that leona :d Game 2 Tieru: i am going to feed and you guys will flame me and j4 going to help lb i will get banned and start drugs Tieru: my life will be disaster xd Tieru: i clicked exh on you 3 timess Tieru: And didnt exhausst Tieru: ? Tieru: yes i am how did you understand :O Tieru: i was doing that secretly Tieru: keep banning 3 jungler ^^ Tieru: playing safe against lb ? Tieru: 404 not found Tieru: no i dont Tieru: no i dont Tieru: no i dont Tieru: no i dont counter lb Tieru: she is an asssasin Tieru: i am a mage Tieru: do you know why lb has %100 ban rate ? Tieru: cuz its impossible to lane against her Tieru: no counter Tieru: WHY Tieru: ULTING HER Tieru: I WAS GOUNGT Tieru: TO Tieru: ULLT HER Tieru: tard jungler Tieru: lol i am not toxic or trolling Tieru: they are flaming me since min 2 Tieru: nop go hell Tieru: since min 2 Tieru: '' syndra u trolling ? '' Tieru: '' syndra u boosted ? '' Tieru: '' ssydra fuıking ape '' Tieru: lee sin keeps saying : '' how can ssyndra lose to lb i dont get it '' please report him Tieru: i am done with him Tieru: i really want to troll thiss game Tieru: so %%%%ing bad Tieru: o h really zyra ? Tieru: u want me to show diffrence between trolling and playing ? Tieru: Zyra thinks i am trolling Tieru: so i will ssshow her now Tieru: What is trolling actually Tieru: so sshe can see the diffrence ^^ Tieru: just being kind to her ^^ Tieru: now u see the diffrence between trolling and playing zyra ? Tieru: iss it clear how trolling is zyra ? ^^ Tieru: u want me to sshow again ? ^^ Tieru: pathetic ? Tieru: :( Tieru: my life is better than u can imagine XD Tieru: it wassnt about that Tieru: its about u girls flame Tieru: yes it was 1v9 for me chat rest for 2 games? Wish i could show what my team said to me... sad... The chat riot ssends is one sided. I had 2 bad games and my team starting to flame me for playing bad from min 5 and when i defend myself , i am being toxic... Just because i died 3 times in a row it does mean i am trolling ?
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