From 0 to 100 real quick

Ever since preseason the moment the 15 min mark hits things goes from 0 to 100. forget midgame, forget farming. we got ourselves a battle Royale people. Doing anything but teamfighting 24/7 after the 15 min mark and you'd be shooting yourself in the foot. It honestly feels as if i'm playing 2 separate games during a match. 1st half it's farming simulator, 2nd half it's a team death match. Our jgl asked me to help out with drake pre 15 min and i couldn't simply because i'd loose out on farm that the enemy was pushing, knowing that i would't get the opportunity to farm later in the game. I'm disliking the changes of preseason 9 so far, towers need buffing after the 15 min. mark to ease the transition between the 2 phases of the game. Bring back midgame please.

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