Is it fair/reasonable to say "fire this rioter"

Or "fire the live design team"? Whatever statement, all is the same. These are people's jobs and their means to get the food on the table for their families. I don't know how the laws work in America (I don't know where Riot's exact location is) but let's put it this way (hypothetically): - You get whad you want and get this Rioter you dislike gets fired. - Now basically can't find another job or difficult to find another job, because when another company finds out that this person got fired due to "bad job" they reject right away. - No job usually means no insurance. So if the person that got fired gets into a bad accident, or a loved one gets into a bad accident, and don't have the means to help, they will practically die. - Then the person's life begins to fall apart, until a new job is found. This is of course just what i assume. Again I don't know the laws in America (I'm from Lebanon, we are different here. If we even have laws to begin with) but in general, regardless of how it works, demanding for someone to be fired can cause the person's life to fall apart along with his own family. I know this is deep and exaggerated, but perhaps those who say "fire this rioter" need to think about it carefully. But seriously, i've seen posts about demanding on firing GhostCrawler and him to die (and other rioters). Are you sure you want that? Are you sure? As someone who has to live my entire with blood on my hands, my answer would be, no. I don't even think you are thinking straight to wish someone to be fired and die. Especially if it was GhostCrawler.
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