permanently banned

I left LoL for studying reasons and gave it to a friend I made in LoL. I came back to LoL and all I saw was a screen telling me that I was banned. I emailed Riot quickly and proved to them that I wasn't toxic. The second guy who was replying to me didn't even seemed to read my replies at all and didn't care whether I was innocent or not. This just feels so unfair that I made the mistake of giving my account to someone who didn't care whether I was banned or not. Then I was banned and been called out to be the one who was toxic when I made the request. Does this mean they don't care whether I'm innocent of being toxic. The whole conversion felt like they wear talking to my account and not me personally and it was so hard to take in someone from riot accusing me of being a toxic player and worst of all is being banned permanently. I hope {{champion:43}} get's to the one I gave my account to and I hope Riot reconsiders my request. {{champion:32}}
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