Realistic females in video games discussion

How female game characters would look if they were designed more like average women
How would famous women game characters look if their bodies were more like average women, and less like models? That's the question posed by, which posted alternative artistic representations of Christie Montiero (Tekken), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Cortana (Halo) and more.
Alright then, time to not sh*tpost since this is a topic I actually care about. Anyways, just yesterday I was browsing my Facebook, which is full of cosplay pages (you know, the ones with the boobies), and I kept seeing this article pop up again and again with each cosplayer voicing their opinions on it. Now, if you've opened the page, I can assume you had the same reaction I did, which was... Have we forgotten what video games are? They are a fantasy, something derived from our imaginations, of course not everything is going to be realistic. Even if it is trying to do so, why does "realistic women" = "chubbier women"? If this is really what a realistic person looks like, realism needs to get real and lose weight ffs. Even more infuriating is the URL: **"how women gaming stars would look if they weren't sexualized fantasies"** They've just contradicted themselves by stating that video games are a fantasy but require realistic features. But you know what's even worse? What's even more sickening and degrading towards women than the harsh truth the article presents for the average woman? It's that these female gaming icons are nothing more than just women. Not athletes, adventurers, or professional fighters. No, they are just women. How the hell is Lara Croft supposed to run, gun, jump, appetizingly jiggle, etc. with that kind of body? These female game characters are ALREADY realistic for what their purpose is. And don't even get me started on Cortana. She's an AI. We're already in a fantasy world, and Cortana is a fantasy within that. She can be designed however her in-game creator see fit, BECAUSE SHE ISN'T REAL. That goes for both Master Chief and the players! I don't even know how I'm supposed to conclude this, it's literally the second time I've done something productive on boards, so, I guess, tell me what you think. P.S. Don't get used to this kind of quality from me. P.P.S. If they dare do something like this to any of the League's ladies, I'm calling a witch-hunt. EDIT: Removed mention of feminism
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