Games to play while waiting in queue!

_This will be a long post but I will split it up so it will be easier for you all to understand._ So, since the new queue systems release, I have experienced super long queue times, and I'm just silver. I think my longest queue time was 19 minutes or something. Now, since you are forced to lock in/ban and just not wait it out. (Which in my opinion is really stupid). You join a lobby but then someone forgets to lock in/ban, making you finding a new lobby. *** _**Non-Games**_ So, lets start with the things that are not games. **YouTube** Watching some quick videos of people failing or playing video games are a lot of fun. If thats not your thing, just hold on, there will be more. **News** Knowing whats going on in the world is probably the best thing you can do. Maybe someone found a crashed UFO somewhere, that was confirmed. That would be interesting. **Drawing** I love to draw, maybe you suck at drawing, thats completely fine, because, it will always come out better than you expected. You just let your imagination flow. An example of what I drew will be on the bottom of the post. *** **PC Games** Here are the games you can play on your computer (PS: Some of these games must be bought.) **Terraria** Terraria is a fun game. You can explore a HUGE world by fighting different bosses and collecting powerful weapons. Or you might prefer to build. However you decide to play this game you will find fun in it in one way or another. The downside is that Terraria must be purchased. It can be found on Steam for 9,99€. **Minecraft** Yes yes, I know, this game is made for 6 year olds. But still, it's a really fun game. I personally like building. Either you play online with friends or you play by yourself. I know many doesn't think that this game is enjoyable, thats fine. One downside is that you will have to pay kinda much to be able to play online. **Osu!** Osu is a rythm based game where you will have to press buttons in tact with the music, you will also have to follow the dots that appear on the screen with your mouse or your drawing pad. This game is free and you can download free add-ons aswell. **Stepmania** Not the best game on the list but we'll go for it anyways. A rythm based game where you will have to press 4 different buttons in tact with the arrows. You might have seen this game in arcades. This game is free. *** **Console games** I dont have many consoles. I am a huge Nintendo fan though. So, I will break down some aspects of games and give some examples of games. **Wii U** Wii U is probably the best console on this list (In my opinion) Obviously non of these games are going to be free. I decided to exclude Super Smash Bros from this list since I only play tournaments and compete in it. **Hyrule Warriors** I have been playing the crap out of this game lately and I love it! This game has some aspects close to league believe it or not. Strategy is playing a big part in this game. Your dodging mechanics are also tested here, where small cast times of bigger opponents can be seen for the slightest of seconds and you will have to be really quick to press your B button. Also, some characters share some mechanics with some champions, for an example: Zelda with the Drapier shares some aspects with Fiora. And to be honest, the story isn't actually that bad, at first glance you might think that this game has an extremely bad story, but, combining the different characters from the different games was actually a really good idea. **Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD** Yes yes, I know, 2 Zelda games in a row, but who can blame me? Zelda is my favourite game series of all time, and the original Wind Waker for the GameCube was actually the first game I ever played. Now, doing some side quests can take up to 20 minutes, I remember the Magic Shield, it took me 1 hour the first time I did it, and the second time it took me 30 minutes. But, there will always be something to do here. I'm taking it super far fetched here but, trying to complete a puzzle in a dungeon or something might actually be something like coming up with a new build path to a champion against a counter for an example. **Super Mario 3D World** Clearly one of my favourite Mario games, and completing a stage doesn't take that long. I've beaten this game several times 100%. Even the star stages. As we all know, in League, time matters, thats the same in Mario, you can't just goof around, there is a time limit, and to find all the things within that time limit. And, some stages are only about time, finding clocks to get more time to complete the stage, these are my favourite stages. My absolute favourite Mario games are Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. Since Super Mario 3D World catches the feeling about Super Mario Galaxy, I love it even more, also since you can play as Rosalina (Big character in Super Mario Galaxy) and there are 3 star worlds. **Mario Kart 8** Mario kart, I can literally write a whole Bible about it, but, I'm gonna make it as short as possible. Just as I said about Wind Waker HD, finding the right car combination can be really similar to finding the right build path to a champion in League, adding the different stats together to make everything work out. Besides, who doesn't love driving upside down and racing. This game is really fun if you're laning with someone. *** **Playstation 4** I don't own this console but I am going to buy it very soon. I've decided to exclude GTA 5 from this list since many of the missions take a long time to complete. **Far Cry 4/Primal** I actually got Primal in 10 random games to Steam on an online game store. Since there are many different quests in Far Cry, some bigger than others, take the shorter ones. Not a lot more to say, if you decide to play on the PC, you will need a beast of a computer. **** **XBOX One** I don't own this console either but I've played many games here and I thought I would put it in here anyways. Same as PS4 I've decided to exclude GTA 5 from the list. **Halo 4/5** I know that the Halo series is not the best but tbh I really enjoy playing it, maybe you should stay away from Legendary or maybe from the longer missions. Halo is action packed and is very adventurous, I've not played the campaign in any of the games but I've heard their pretty good. **** Post in the comments for some games that I can add to this list.
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