Jesus F***ing Crist When will the curse end

I'm cursed I get fed and everything is looking okay and then... Enemy Singed gets a Pentakill idk how noone chased him I guess he just walked around us while we were focusing on their carries But that is not the important part The important part is that I get put in the games where enemy team no matter how bad they are comebacks and we lose I also just hate being put in the games with people that decide to play a champ they dont know very well or games where someone goes afk because they are spoiled brats that got dropped on the head when they were toddlers I expect to be put in the games where people communicate and cooperate, not games like: Hey I'm fed and imma go solo and die herpty derpty derp because I thing I'm challenger and can 1v5 without using my keyboard Don't play ranked if you are going to ruin the experience for everybody in your team, The guys on enemy team don't care They would just write gg ez and end my suffering. Reports don't work Why not implement a system similar to CSGO's overwatch system where you need to qualify for being the spectator and the judge of someones behavior then say if he needs to be banned or not Why not make it more simple to {{summoner:1}} this game from these... these... ugh... disgusting players idk if this is all just my region at its finest, but man some people are wallnutheads, that just dont understand and they dont want to understand I said this thousends of times and I will say it again: I dont mind loosing a fair game, but I do mind losing a game that is being won or when there is a troll. It just wastes your time and energy, and worst of all, it kills your braincells so one day you can become braindead as the people you played with Fix your game Riot because it can only get worse and it will, unless you do something about the matchmaking You are trying to make us believe we are being put with and against the players of the equal skills and behavior but it's just hard for me to believe in that.
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