I'm not trying to create and argument here but I'm just curious to ask why is the concept of smurfing is allowed. Doesn't smurfing ruin the game for some players? for example: If you're on your promos to gold and someone literally ruins it just cause they're smurfing from diamond ELO. Wouldn't you be mad?, Doesn't that just ruin the games for the gold players? and isn't one of riot's MAIN objectives to keep the game fair and clean for everyone who plays it?.Another statement I would like to include is that ELO BOOSTING in my opinion is very similar to smurfing, but just the other way round but pretty much the outcome is same, for example: If you're on your promos to Master but a gold player ruins it because he was BOOSTED. For this concept, just like smurfing, it ruins the game for the diamond players. So why is one allowed and the other not? Why cant the both be illegal? NOTE: I AM _**NOT**_ PROMOTING THE CONCEPT OF ELO BOOSTING AND STATING IT SHOULD BE ALLOWED. THIS IS JUST A QUESTION OUT OF CURIOSITY another note: Again, I'm not trying to start an argument here (although this could be a problem cause it is a very debatable topic) Thanks again for your time and let me know what you think about all of this PS: Sorry my English is not very good so you might encounter a few errors here and there.
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